Saving space, cutting costs

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ new DURIS® S 2 combines small package size and high efficacy with excellent color uniformity and color stability while providing improved durability and impressive reliability. These tiny power packs offer manufacturers and designers great new opportunities for both innovative and competitive space and cost saving interior general lighting design, especially for linear lighting and fluorescent tube replacement.

DURIS® S 2: chip sized package, improved light distribution, long lifetime

Thanks to its 150 degrees radiation angle and 30 – 35 lm package, the new DURIS® S 2 is perfect to reduce the number of LEDs used in tube lighting. Compared to LEDs with classic package the chip size LED emits more light sideways. According to this the light distribution in light tubes becomes more homogeneous and so-called hot spots, clearly visible light spots, are reduced.
The long lifetime at 0.2 W applications is especially fitted for linear lighting and fluorescent tube replacement, but its over-driving capability to 150 mA makes DURIS® S 2 also an ideal choice for other indoor applications like retrofits and down lights. However, DURIS® S 2 does not only outclass its competitors with power and versatility: The new EMC (epoxy molding compound) lead frame material also provides far better lifetime and reliability performance over traditional PPA and PCT material.

Find the right accessories

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