OSLON Compact CL + CM

Smallest LED format for automotive lighting with two different chip and packages sizes and also in InGaN yellow.

With the OSLON Compact CL + CM, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors contributes to system size and flexibility. On the one hand, there is the OSLON Compact CM – with its even smaller package specifically designed for AFS Matrix Beam applications. The light points in the headlight can be placed in any arrangement, and customized designs can be developed to give different vehicles a unique appearance. On the other hand, there is the OSLON Compact CL, developed particularly for edge-coupled lightguides and low/high beams.

The yellow OSLON Compact is an addition to the two white versions and is ideal for front turn indicators. Thanks to its compact design it can be used in particular to create light guide solutions.

OSLON Compact CL + CM + CY – experience flexibility!

OSLON Compact CL:
  • small and bright enough to be used for lightguide applications with very small diameter
OSLON Compact CM:
  • highest pixel density possible due to extremely small size and high brightness per pixel
OSLON Compact CY:
  • more than 120 lumen even at high currents and application temperatures of 100° C (Tj in the chip).
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