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The SOLERIQ E Chip-on-Board LED is the ideal solution for applications that require high flux output and color consistency out of a single easy to use LED component.

SOLERIQ® E Chip-on-Board LEDs

The SOLERIQ® E Chip-on-Board LED is designed to meet the requirements of general lighting applications. It's large flux output makes it ideal for downlight designs. With a small color variation within a 4-step MacAdam ellipse, CRI greater than 80 and easy to use Chip-on-Board technology SOLERIQ® E makes lighting design easy.

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SOLERIQ® E 45, 2700 K - 6500 K ( white ) , CRI min. 80 ( typ. 85 ), typ. 4500 lm @ 4000 K, typ. 116 lm/W @ 4000 K, ideal for lighting solutions from 2500lm up to 4500lm


SOLERIQ® E 30, 2700 K - 6500 K ( white ) , CRI min. 80 ( typ. 85 ), typ. 3000 lm @ 4000 K, typ. 114 lm/W @ 4000 K, ideal for lighting solutions from 1500lm up to 3000lm

Additional Documentation and Information
  Title Document Type Size Date
PDF GW KAJRB2.EM - SOLERIQ E 30 (English/Deutsch) Datasheet 1000 KB 16.05.2013
PDF GW KALRB3.EM - SOLERIQ E 45 (English/Deutsch) Datasheet 864 KB 16.05.2013
PDF OSRAM SOLERIQ Family - Details on Handling, Mounting and Electrical Connection Application Note 2073 KB 01.03.2014

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