1W High Power LED with sophisticated radiation patterns (80° or 150°), available in different color temperatures from 2700 to 6500 K.

OSLON High Power LEDs

High Power 1W LEDs are currently one of the most widely used LEDs in general lighting applications. Secondary lenses are available to cover a wide range of applications from streetlights to indoor spots.

Related Product Groups

OSLON® SSL 80 White

1W High Power LED with pre-focused radiation pattern - 80° FWHM. For sophisticated spot lighting applications and direct luminaires.

OSLON® SSL 150 White

1W High Power LED with wide and more uniform radiation pattern - 150° FWHM. Optimized for reflector designs, diffuse and color-mixing applications.

Additional Documentation and Information

  Title Document Type Size Date
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PDF Zuverlässigkeit der OSLON SSL und OSLON Square Produktgruppen (german) Application Note 757 KB 01.03.2012
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