Power TOPLED, Enhanced thin film LED, amber (A), white P-LCC-4 package, colorless clear resin

Product Features
  • Package: white PLCC-4 package colorless clear resin
  • Feature of the device: more light due to higher optical efficiency
  • Color: amber (617 nm)
  • Viewing angle at 50 % IV: 120
  • Technology: InGaAlP Thinfilm
  • Assembly methods: suitable for all SMT assembly methods
  • Product complies to MSL Level 2 acc. to JEDEC J-STD-020E
  • Packing unit: 8 mm tape with 2000 pcs. on ∅ 180 mm reel, 8000 pcs. on ∅ 330 mm reel
  • ESD - withstand voltage: 2 kV acc. to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 2)
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full production LA E67F-BACB-24-3A5A 120° Power TOPLED, amber (617 nm) Q65112A2781

Additional Documentation and Information

  Title Document Type Size Date
PDF LA E67F Datasheet 580 KB 09.01.2017
PDF Comparison of LED Circuits Application Note 166 KB 01.12.2013
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