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LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

SMD packages in different performance classes and brightness levels


Long life time; small space; low power consumption; shock proof

Related Product Groups

Advanced Power TOPLED

Higher current due to advanced internal heat distribution

Advanced Power TOPLED Plus

High optical efficiency / mid power LED


Small ceramic package, good thermal performance, long lifetime


Small package - flexible application - small space required


CURAMOS - Robust LED for LCD Backlighting


6-lead technology especially designed for video walls. Black housing or black surface option. Outdoor stability


Side emitting LED, low height, standard SMT footprint 0402


High Power Light Source


Side emitting LED, low height


Small space - directed light output

Mini TOPLED Santana

LED is mounted top-down into the PCB / Lead (Pb) Free - RoHS Compliant


Multi chip SMT package, enhanced optical efficiency, long lifetime


Multi chip SMT ceramic package, good thermal performance, long lifetime


Multi chip SMT package, black body for enhanced contrast


Multi chip SMT package, proven standard LED


Compact and symmetrical highly efficient LED, SMD ceramic package with integrated silicone lens


SMD package with lens, rectangular radiation pattern, high efficiency


High brightness LED in multi-chip on board technology, long life time

Platinum DRAGON

High Power Light Source


Round package, high assembly flexibility, symmetric radiation pattern


White P-LCC-2 package, Sidelooker, Lead (Pb) free - RoHS compliant


Higher current due to enhanced internal heat distribution


Side emitting LED - high reliability - ideal for light guide applications


High power and high reliability with 0603 Footprint


standard PLCC-2 package - high reliability - all colors

TOPLED Reverse Gullwing

Device emits through the PCB - high reliability - all colors


PLCC-2 package with lens - high brightness in beam direction


The TOPLED Black from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a range of medium-power LEDs mounted in a black standard package.


Accessories for LED application

Additional Documentation and Information
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