Intelligent Displays

Simplicity, Compactness, Durability and Reliability

OSRAM Intelligent Display products utilize LED as the pixel element in a dot matrix and have BUILT-IN DRIVE CIRCUITS which allow the display product to sustain alphanumeric messages downloaded from a host microcomputer without the need for additional external electronic control circuitry. It is available in various LED colours, digit sizes and brightness levels to suitable many applications. It is COMPACT and footprint efficient, allowing integration into equipment such as audio-video control panels which are crowded with control knobs and have scant space for alphanumeric displays. It has a proven record of LONG LIFE and HIGH RELIABILITY in the field. Due to its SOLID STATE RUGGEDNESS, it is found in applications such as cockpit instrumentation, field radios in emergency and armoured vehicles and such... The EMISSIVE NATURE of LED also makes Intelligent Displays popular in low ambient light environment applications such as medical equipment, data-com and network equipment.

Additional Documentation and Information

  Title Document Type Size Date
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