SFH 4780S

IR OSLUX, half angle ±10°, typ. 680mW & 2900 mW/sr at 1 A

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Related Product Types

Status Product type Description Order No.
full production SFH 4780S High Power Infrared Emitter, 820 nm, IR OSLUX, Half angle ±10 °, Lead (Pb) Free Product - RoHS Compliant Q65111A6054 Buy here

Additional Documentation and Information

  Title Document Type Size Date
PDF SFH 4780S Datasheet 445 KB 04.12.2015
PDF Eye Safety Application Note 776 KB 31.03.2016
PDF High Power Emitters for Illumination Applications Application Note 874 KB 26.02.2016
PDF High-Speed Switching of IR-LEDs Application Note 790 KB 01.03.2014
PDF Iris Recognition SFH 4780S Application Note 658 KB 04.03.2015
PDF Information Radial Components Tape and Reel Package Notes & Processing 248 KB 14.08.2015
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