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Duris S 5 Color is available in different colors including red, amber, green and deep blue. Installed in luminaires from Roleds they provide impressive accent lighting for the FuXing bridge for example.
01.09.2016 | Company information
Powerful lighting solutions from Osram for the G20 Summit

Osram is putting the G20 Summit in China, which will take place on September 4 and 5 in Hangzhou, in the right light. High-quality lighting solutions from the Munich-based lighting specialist will be [...]

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By making improvements to the epitaxy Osram has achieved a considerable increase in the luminous efficacy of white LEDs compared to existing products. At 3000 mA/mm² the benefit is a full 7.5 percent.
12.04.2016 | Company information
Osram increases the luminous efficacy of white and blue high-power LEDs by 7.5 percent

Research success at Osram Opto Semiconductors. The high-tech company has considerably improved the luminous efficacy of its high-power LEDs by reducing the unwanted droop effect at high currents. This [...]

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Standard 3 SDCM binning in the CIE 1931 2° xy color space
14.03.2016 | LED for general illumination/Solid State Lighting
World premiere: Osram presents 10° binning for white LEDs

New “TEN°” binning from Osram Opto Semiconductors provides the basis for unprecedented color consistency for white LEDs which are used for example as single-LED light sources in [...]

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High luminous flux, robust package, low system costs: the new Duris P 10 offers impressive performance in outdoor lighting systems.
10.03.2016 | LED for general illumination/Solid State Lighting
Duris P 10: greater luminous flux and thermal benefits

A typical luminous flux of 1,100 lumen (lm) from a robust, leadframe-based high-performance package and up to 50 percent lower system costs – those are the main benefits of the new Duris P 10 [...]

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12.01.2016 | Company information
Osram welcomes Unity Opto as Licensee under its White LED License Program

Osram GmbH, one of the leading lighting companies, has granted Taiwan’s Unity Opto Technology Co. Ltd. a royalty-bearing license to produce white LED packages under Osram core patents covering [...]

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The infrared SFH 4786S LED from Osram Opto Semiconductors provides the basis for extremely low-profile systems for iris scanners. A new feature is the slight sideways tilt of its direction of emission. The emitter no longer has to be mechanically aligned with the field of view of the camera, which makes the design much simpler.
10.12.2015 | IR devices and laser diodes
Designing iris scanners just got easier

Iris recognition systems can be made less complex and with lower profiles thanks to the SFH 4786S infrared LED (IRED) from Osram Opto Semiconductors. At 1.6 millimeters (mm) this new IRED is around [...]

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Osram Opto Semiconductors presents a new output class in its Osram Ostar Projection Power range for use in mainstream projectors.
08.12.2015 | LED for automotive, consumer, industry
New Osram LED as the light source for office projectors

A smaller package but more output. The new Osram Ostar Projection Power from Osram Opto Semiconductors enables customers to equip even mainstream projectors rated at more than 2500 lumen (lm) [...]

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With a height of only 0.6 mm, a footprint of 5.4 mm2 and a typical optical output of 1200 mW, the SFH 4770S is currently the most compact high-power LED with a wavelength of 850 nm.
03.12.2015 | IR devices and laser diodes
Blinking replaces the double-click

The SFH 4770S from Osram Opto Semiconductors is currently the most compact infrared LED (IRED) in the high-power class. Its low height is of particular benefit in smartphones and tablets. The high [...]

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Quantum Colors – an extremely successful combination of a blue chip, a red phosphor layer and a green quantum converter.
01.12.2015 | Trade Press
New Osram conversion technology for backlighting LEDs

The new Quantum Colors conversion technology from Osram Opto Semiconductors will set new standards in LED backlighting for TV displays as it offers much better coverage of the color space, significant [...]

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10.11.2015 | Company information
Investments of about €3 billion create new growth prospects for Osram

The shift in the lighting market toward semiconductor-based technologies is creating new growth opportunities, which Osram will consistently seize. To this end, the lighting company will invest around [...]

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