The "LED Light for you" network is now even easier to use – with "Visual Search"

Visual Search: structured overview for the LLFY areas of competence optics, thermal design, electronics, LED modules and system integration.
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Focused technical know-how, easy to use

The worldwide network LED Light for you" (LLFY), which offers focused technical know-how on all issues relating to LED lighting systems for general illumination has been in existence since 2006. LLFY is a real success story: There are now 100 partners and 41 system integration partners at more than 110 sites throughout the world offering both customized and standard solutions, above all for luminaire manufacturers. Since mid October 2013 the new Visual Search feature has been available online on the LLFY website so that customers can find the perfect partner for their project.

This new search function makes it easier than ever before to find the right contacts. Just a couple of click is all it takes. The Visual Search has a structured design and clearly displays the different areas of competence of LLFY: optics, thermal design, electronics, LED modules and system integration. The previous search function omitted LED modules and system integration partners. These are now included in Visual Search. The areas of competence are also subdivided into different sections. Customers can instantly see the fields in which LLFY offers support. Clicking on one of the segments takes you to an overview of the partners who offer services in the selected discipline.

The LLFY network therefore help turn innovative ideas into reality. Customers get in contact with the partners and together develop a suitable solution. Support is provided for both large projects and small parts of projects: LLFY is the right place for everything from individual components to complete project implementation. The network offers support along the entire value added chain. "The core mission of LLFY is to support the customer, where they may be in their project", said Sebastian Lyschick, the Network Coordinator. The focus is clearly on application-related LED solutions for general illumination, but customers can also find solutions in the infrared sector.

All the partners have been certified according to specific standards and must be able to demonstrate extensive experience over many years in their field in order to be accepted into the professional network. All the members are independent companies from around the world. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is in constant direct contact with the partners, for example in the form of meetings and workshops in which new products are presented or support for technical issues is offered.

With 16,000 clicks per month and several hundred completed projects per year, LLFY is highly successful in bringing together innovative ideas and partners capable of getting the job done. A good example is the "StreetStick" street light from FuturoLighting, a Slovakian supplier of LED lighting solutions. LLFY made it possible to develop a finished product from an idea. Oslon Square LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors enabled the narrow and innovative design of the luminaire to be combined with maximum light output.

If you wish to make full use of the web-based LLFY network as a customer all you have to do is register free of charge on the homepage. Visit the website to get a good idea of what LLFY can offer:

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