OSRAM OSTAR Headlamp: Alternative connection, proven performance

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High-Power Headlamp LED with plug-in connector

A plug-in version of the latest generation of the OSRAM OSTAR Headlamp family is now also available in a flexible 2- to 5-chip configuration. Specially developed for use in headlights, the high-power multi-chip LED family has already been in use since 2008 for various front lighting functions, such as daytime running lights, low-beam or high-beam headlights.

While the standard version of the OSRAM OSTAR Headlamp Pro is connected via soldering pads, the new version enables headlight manufacturers to use the simple plug-in connection commonly used in the automotive industry. The ERNI connector integrated on the board has been well established for several years now and is used in the predecessor models of the OSRAM OSTAR Headlamp family.

The only differences between the two versions of the OSRAM OSTAR Headlamp Pro are their respective dimensions (17 mm x 28 mm), the connector integrated on the metal-core board, and the temperature sensor. Their performance is virtually identical.

The new LED is likewise equipped with high-performance UX:3 chip technology in combination with the special C² conversion technology. This permits a high light output, homogeneous luminance and high temperature stability, even at high currents. At an operating current of 1,000 mA, a 5-chip OSRAM OSTAR Headlamp Pro achieves a typical 1,400 lm at 25 °C, and still retains 90% of its original brightness at operating temperatures of 100 °C.

Like all white OSRAM high-flux LEDs for automotive headlights, the new version of the OSRAM OSTAR Headlamp Pro offers colour binning according to international standard IES PAS 62707-1 Add. 1. Consequently, it can be combined homogeneously with various LED types with the same chromaticity coordinates in the same application. Thanks to the high light/dark contrast of the OSRAM OSTAR Headlamp Pro, fog or low-beam lights do not require mechanical shutters. This makes it possible to reduce the system costs while making maximum use of the generated light, avoiding waste. The multi-chip LED is qualified according to the automotive standard IEC 60810 and other requirements.

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