Designed for head-up displays

Head-up displays present relevant information directly in a driver’s field of vision, and therefore contribute to greater road safety.
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Oslon Compact CL: Small footprint, constant color locus and good thermal stability

Osram Opto Semiconductors has developed the Oslon Compact CL, a high-power LED with a color coordinate that has been specially matched to TFT displays and the relevant white point requirements. A ceramic converter ensures that the color locus remains constant even at high temperatures. This high-power light source with its 1 mm2 chip and extremely compact package is ideal for use in head-up displays.

Schematic diagram of a head-up display.

Head-up displays – previously the reserve of flagship models – are now being installed in more and more models in other vehicle classes. The advantages for drivers are obvious. Drivers are less distracted and therefore enjoy greater safety. Relevant information such as current speed, warnings, satnav instructions and infotainment data appear directly in the field of vision. Drivers can therefore keep their eye on the road and at the same time receive important information.

The quality of a head-up display depends largely on the light source used. TFT displays that use white LEDs as the light source offer impressive performance, with full-color display and excellent contrast. The Oslon Compact CL with its 1 mm2 chip has a number of properties that make it ideal for use in head-up displays. Its extremely compact package measures only 1.9 mm x 1.5 mm x 0.75 mm so the LED can be arranged very close to the TFT display (< 100 µm). This results not only in high efficiency and excellent optical characteristics but also in a small mounting depth, which is a great advantage in the cramped interior of vehicles.

The color coordinate in the color triangle is cx 0.28/cy 0.25, producing a slightly bluish white. TFT displays filter out the blue component, leaving a pure white from which the entire color spectrum can be generated. As a ceramic component, the Oslon Compact CL has only a small thermal resistance of 8K/W. The resultant heat is quickly dissipated and the color coordinate remains constant even at high temperatures. There are no color shifts, and the color appearance is excellent.

As a Lambertian radiator, the Oslon Compact CL has an emission angle of 120°. It can be used as a single light source or in tight cluster arrangements of 1 x 2, 2 x 2, 2 x 3 or 2 x 4 LEDs. This means that different lumen packages can be provided and different brightness requirements can be met. The typical luminous flux of a single LED is 260 lm at an operating current of 1 A, and 350 lm at 1.5 A. With these high light outputs the Oslon Compact CL is also fit for the next generation of head-up displays which will provide even more information (augmented reality) in the driver’s field of vision.

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