Highest efficacy and increased brightness for retrofits

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Osram Opto Semiconductors presents new members of its Osram Duris series

From now on, two new Osram Duris LEDs with high efficacy and increased brightness levels complement the well-known product family of Osram Opto Semiconductors: The Duris S5 is the new top performer and the Duris E5 features the highest efficacy within the family. Both LEDs can replace the current product versions easily, especially for use in retrofits.

The experts from Osram Opto Semiconductors improved the brightness level of the new Duris S5 by 18 percent up to 123 lm at 150 mA and 6.15 W. Compared to the current versions, the efficacy of the CRI 80 LED is also increased (plus 20 percent) to 133 lm/W at 3000 Kelvin (K) right now. This leads to higher system efficacy, so customers can reduce their system costs, too. With the new LED the current product versions can be replaced easily, as they are absolutely compatible to the Duris family. The Duris S5 can be perfectly inserted in LED retrofit lamps. Further applications are downlights for indoor lighting, for example.

With an increase of 9.5 percent up to 165 lm/W at 5000 Kelvin and 65 mA driving current, the new Osram Duris E5 is the most efficient LED of all Duris family members until today. Due to this high efficacy it can perfectly be used for energy saving lighting applications. The well-known 5630 package offers great design flexibility to the customers and facilitates the replacement of previous product versions to enhance total system performance. As its sister LED the Duris E5 can be used for retrofit lamps as well as for linear tube lighting or commercial lighting solutions, e.g. in shops.

By end of October Osram Opto Semiconductors will introduce the new Duris S5 versions. The Osram Duris E5 with CRI 80 is already available; the product versions with the color rendering indexes 70 and 90 will be launched in November 2014. The certification process for the high lifetime standard of LM-80 with 3,000 hour tests for both new LEDs is already under way. An initial announcement is expected in December.

For more information on the new Osram Duris LEDs see the product catalog.

Technical data:
  Duris S5 (GW PSLRS1.xx) Duris E5 (GW JDSRS1.xx)
Package 3.2 mm x 3.0 mm 5.6 mm x 3.0mm
Efficacy 133 lm/W at 3000 K 165 lm/W at 5000 K
Luminous flux 123 lm at 150 mA
(at 3000 K)
30.5 lm at 65mA
(at 5000 K)
Forward voltage
6.15 V 2.86 V at 65mA
Color Rendering 70, 80, 90 70, 80, 90
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