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Displix LED for outdoor displays and video walls

Display panels, video walls and traffic signs will benefit from the new Displix black and Displix blackprint LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors. Both versions offer high light intensity so they can be used as replacements for the radial LEDs already commonly in use. They can help save costs but still provide high-quality light.

Outdoor applications are among the most demanding for light emitting diodes because these light sources are exposed to a number of different factors. These include rain, humidity, wide fluctuations in temperature, various gases and UV radiation. As regards statements about their long-term stability it is not enough to certify light sources merely on the basis of their insensitivity to water. Sven Weber, Marketing Manager for LED Displays at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, said: “We recommend that various qualification tests should be carried out to automotive, military and industry standards and that the electronics be given additional silicon protection.”

Robust construction, high light intensity

For historic reasons most outdoor displays are equipped with radial LEDs because up to now this type of LED and its focused light was the only way to achieve the required high luminance values. Thanks to the latest chip technologies the efficiency of LED chips has be improved enormously in recent years. Today, even SMT LEDs achieve a light intensity that meet the requirements of outdoor displays.

With Displix black and Displix blackprint Osram is launching two high-quality SMT light sources for outdoor applications. These 3-in-1 LEDs have different packages – black on the one hand and white with a black printed surface on the other, resulting in different light intensities. Displix black has a black package and also a black reflector; Displix blackprint has a white package which merely has black overprinting on its surface and a white reflector. Both versions have been tested under harsh ambient conditions and offer long-term stability. The completely black version achieves a light intensity of 1400 mcd at the white point. It offers excellent contrast – even in direct sunlight – and therefore enables brand colors on perimeter advertising systems for example to be rendered with the utmost precision. The LEDs in the white package with the black printed surface offer very good contrast and a light intensity of 2900 mcd. If the application calls for excellent contrast and precise color rendering then Displix black is the recommended option; if however light intensity is the priority then Displix blackprint is the right choice.

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