Conferences held in the year 2016
Date Event Place Topic
22. September 2016 37th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) - 18th Electronics Materials & Packaging (EMAP) Conference Penang, Malaysia “Material Challenges for Optoelectronic Packages in Lighting ApplicationsROOM”, David Lacey
07. July 2016 Laser Display and Lighting Conference 2016 Jena, Germany “Color aspects of digital image acquisition”, Peter Brick
30. June 2016 WoDiM 2016 - 19th Workshop on Dielectrics in Microelectronics Catania, Italy “Temperature and humidity dependence of ALD-Al2O3 degradation in (opto-) electronic devices”, Andreas Rückerl
11. June 2016 The 9th China & International LED Market Trend Forum Guangzhou, China “TEN° binning for Superb Color Consistency in COB Commercial Lighting”, Dr Vincent Chen
09. June 2016 Reliability Days 2016 Stuttgart, Germany “Lebensdauerabschätzung von SSL Produkten bei OSRAM”, Dominic Kaufmann
27. April 2016 Workshop on GaN technology in Europe Padova, Italy “Recent progress in the understanding and performance of high-power GaN LEDs”, Bastian Galler
20. April 2016 Speos User Meeting 2016 Stuttgart, Germany “Rayfile Support”, Alexander Günther
14. April 2016 2016 LED Taiwan Summit Taipei, Taiwan “Wide IR Illumination & Sensing Products from OSRAM”, Michael Gu
13. April 2016 2016 LED Taiwan Summit Taipei, Taiwan “LED Product Trends in General Lighting – is CSP the only Solution?”, Ralph Bertram
13. April 2016

Aachen Polymer Optics Days 2016

Aachen, Germany

„Micro-Fresnel lenses Optical Design Concepts and their Boundary Constraints in Fabrication“, Dr. Ulrich Streppel

12. April 2016 SAE World Congress 2016 Detroit, USA “μ-AFS High resolution ADB/AFS Solution”, Stefan Grötsch
16. March 2016 EBV Lighting Academy (light + building 2016) Frankfurt, Germany “LED epitaxy technology and packaging trends”, Matthias Peter
15. March 2016 Novel High k Application Workshop 2016 Dresden, Germany “Requirements for TCOs in 2D and 3D commercial LEDs”, Sebastian Träger
08. March 2016 Recruiting Fair/DPG-Tagung Regensburg, Germany “Future trends in LED & Laser technology”, Matthias Peter
25. February 2016 T.A. Cook 17. Jahrestagung "Portfolio- und Projektmanagement mit SAP" Berlin, Germany „PIA tool presentation“, Daniel Heimerl
16. February 2016 SPIE. Photonics West Opto San Francisco, USA “Position-controlled MOVPE growth and electro-optical characterization of core-shell InGaN/GaN microrod LEDs” + “Optical, structural and compositional nano-scale characterization of InGaN/GaN core-shell microrod heterostructures”, Tilmann Schimpke


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