Light is beautiful

SOLERIQ® L 38 - for traditional light
design with latest LED technology

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the new SOLERIQ® L 38
DISPLIX - Light is optimized

Light is optimized

The new proof of concept
to pot the DISPLIX ® Oval,
together with Dow Corning®
and Nordson DIMA.

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Light is concentrated

The IR OSLON® Black family –
perfect for applications like CCTV,
machine/night vision or number
plate recognition systems.

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Night Drive in the City

Light is Compact

The new OSLON Compact CL
is high power light source is ideal
for use in head-up display.

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Empty room of modern storehouse

Light is competitive

The new DURIS S 10:
Lifting single spot designs to
a new level of performance

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One of world’s smallest LED fixture shines

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Investments of about €3 billion create new growth prospects for Osram 

Soleriq L 38

Osram adds filament LEDs to its product portfolio 


High signal quality for reliable measurements

OSLON® square – CRI 95 for excellent light

More light for pico projectors

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