Light is visionary

Light is visionary

Window of Visions: Discover the latest
developments and visions in the fields
of Bio Sensing, Environmental Sensing
and Mobility & Interaction!

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Competence & Visions - Monthly Report May

New goals for stadium lighting with LEDs

Osram LEDs to be used in premier league stadiums

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Superb Color Consistency with TENº binning

Light is consistent

World premiere: OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' first TENº binning offers unprecedented color consistency!

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DURIS® P Family

Light is reliable

DURIS® P Family - best choice
for professional outdoor
lighting applications

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Mobile Competence

Light is mobile

IR and laser components for innovative
mobile solutions and visions.

Get in touch with the future!

Press releases

R+D Droop

Osram increases the luminous efficacy of white and blue [...] 


World premiere: Osram presents 10° binning for white LEDs 


High signal quality for reliable measurements

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