Kaiser-Friedrich-Forschungspreis 2015 goes to Osram Opto Semiconductors

Forschungspreis 2015
goes to Osram
Opto Semiconductors

The award is being given in recog-
nition of the IR OSLUX SFH 4780S
developed for iris recognition.

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Light is competitive

The new DURIS S 10:
Lifting single spot designs to
a new level of performance

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Light is Entertainment

Light is Entertainment

Members of the Osram Ostar product family
are ideal for use in event and entertainment
lighting applications.

OSRAM OSTAR Stage LEDs illuminate the stage
Light is wearable

Light is wearable

In medicine and sport, wearables gaining
in popularity. The new SFH 7051 is the
perfect fit for heart rate monitoring.

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Landesdienstleistungszentrum Linz 03

Light is competitive

The new DURIS S2:
Chip size package, improved light
distribution, long lifetime

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