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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LEDs, lasers and sensors for the UV, visible and infrared spectral regions. We epitaxially grow thousands of wafers of different semiconductor materials (InGaAlP, AlInGaN, Si, Ge, GaAs, sapphire). Then we transform them into optoelectronic devices utilizing state-of-the-art frontend lines in a number of huge cleanrooms in Europe and Asia. These are equipped with lithography clusters, dry and wet chemical patterning techniques, evaporation and sputtering technologies for metallization, CVD deposition tools and many more processing options. After leaving the frontend line, all the wafers are tested intensively and finally diced into individual dies, e.g. by lasers. In an adjacent backend line, the dies are attached and wire-bonded into specifically designed packages. These processes are followed by casting steps and optionally the implementation of light conversion layers based on phosphors.

In order to steadily improve the performance and functionality of our devices, strong and effective teams drive developments in projects. For example, these address the evaluation of new production tools and chip designs and, finally, the best and most precise mode of interaction. Outstanding results depend on a profound understanding of the fundamental properties of the materials, processes and devices involved and on finding suitable tuning parameters for optimization. For example, we investigate current flow, heat spreading and light emission using sophisticated analytical tools. Support for the entire development chain is provided by extensive modeling and simulations covering every aspect of the process. We ensure that we remain competitive through the rigorous implementation of an extraordinary quality management system at every stage of the development and production line.

Beyond the cleanroom, we design and realize both standard and customer-specific applications using our devices, e.g. to illuminate any kind of display from mobile phones to TVs and increasingly to solve the technological challenges essential for the breakthrough of semiconductor based devices in general lighting markets. Our dedicated marketing and sales teams around the globe play a key role in identifying such trends and needs. And last, but not least, everything relies on perfect support, e.g. from supply chain management, IT agents, procurement teams and many more. So there is a universe of possibilities to enable you to contribute to our success story. Join us!

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