Job descriptions

Your work:

The range of activities undertaken by a development engineer within a technology-based company like Osram OS is highly diverse. It covers tasks from optimization or adaptation of specific target parameters to implementing new and revolutionary ideas for innovative products.
For example, the driving voltage of an existing LED needs to be lowered: You can focus your work on designing a new metallization structure or work on the process technology to deposit or pattern this functional layer. Alternatively, you can change the doping profile, the metal sandwich to form the Schottky contact or optimize the furnace process.  New equipment may be needed and you are involved in or leading the sourcing processes.

All disciplines from process technologies such as deposition, pattering, annealing, etc. to simulation and modeling are involved. But no matter what challenges you face - you work in a team!

Alongside your everyday work, you have the opportunity to attend special training courses on technical (e.g. vacuum technology), methodical (design of experiments) or non-technical aspects (e.g. communication) to complement your expertise.

Your environment: 

You are based either in the R&D department or directly within the business units. Typically, you start your career as a member of a project team of 5-10 persons learning to apply and constantly expand your specialist knowledge. As you progress, you may move on to lead projects or competence teams. Depending on your personal preferences, you either work in the cleanroom conducting or supervising experiments or are involved in designing and monitoring experiments.

Your background:

A degree in electrical engineering, physics, material science or chemistry is the ideal qualification. Significant experience in disciplines such as vacuum technology, optoelectronic devices, optics, epitaxial growth techniques is an advantage. You should have good skills in English.

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