To make system designs easy, the SOLERIQ® P 9 has only a single flux and color bin and is specified at 85 °C to mimic the temperatures typically found in directional applications. The small light emitting surface of only 9 mm diameter enables system designs with very small optics and world class center beam candlepower (CBCP). Hence only one SOLERIQ® P 9 can replace a traditional 35 W HID lamp while maintaining a compact form factor.


As a single component with the highest luminous flux, and no SMT assembly required, SOLERIQ® S is much easier for lighting manufacturers to use. With a light emitting surface (LES) of ∅ 13.5 mm or ∅ 19.0 mm, it also enables Zhaga standard designs – thus even further enhancing ease of use and supporting LED interchangeability.
SOLERIQ® S is available in a broad range of color temperatures enabling unlimited luminaire designs for applications around the globe. This new LED package delivers excellent color consistency within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse.