OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, one of the leaders in LEDs for projector applications, offers a series of LED products suitable for all projection systems and categories.


Front Projection

Pico Projection




Spektroskopie Instrumentation

Key Features

  • Top emitting Thinfilm chips in red, green and blue that are scalable in different die sizes are ideal for efficient optical coupling by facilitating etendue matching with the vast DLP projection applications.
  • Innovative chip architecture (UX:3) and Converted Ceramic (C2) for boosting green brightness to enhance the LED efficacy and system efficiency
  • Multichip LED packages of the OSRAM OSTAR Projection family utilizes top emitting chip technology benefits for best undisturbed directed light output and highly reliable systems
  • High power OSRAM OSTAR Projection LEDs with larger dies, are capable of on screen brightness in excess of 1200 lumens.
  • OSRAM OSTAR Projection LEDs allow compact, yet high brightness light engines to be designed for the typical small footprint applications like Pico Projectors >35 lm
  • High quality and demonstrated reliability performance with complete vertical integration to deliver the most efficient LED solution with reliable epi, chip, package and conversion technologies

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has the experience and resources to work with qualified customers on special LED chip and package configuration designs to optimize on screen light output, lower electrical power consumption and optimal thermal performance period


3 discrete LED devices


  • Maximum etendue/lumens per color
  • Good color uniformity


  • Large engine size
  • High BOM
  • Many components needed


2 discrete LED devices


  • Reduced engine size
  • Reduced BOM
  • Only 1 dichroic filter element needed


  • Colors in 2in1 pkg have limited etendue
  • Color homogenization needed


1 LED device only


  • Reduced engine form factor
  • Reduced BOM
  • No dichroic filters needed


  • Low etendue/lumens for each color
  • Color homogenization needed
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